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His Story

God Man Huh Kyung Young, the original mind or the original sun, descended on earth from the core of the universe, White Heaven Palace, in January 1st 1950. He came to judge us humans and to unify the world.

There were prophecies about his coming in documents both east and west, including The Classic of the Seal of Heaven (天符經), Preserved Records of Gyeogam (格庵遺錄), and Gang Jeung San from Korea and Messiah Code from the west. The Preserved Records of Gyeogam written by Nam Sago (1509-1571) records the following words:















When words and speeches are to no avail

The era of the sea of seals emerge

Heaven permits Huh to descend

Well-built; talented in speech, writing and judgment

His family name is unknown

He is a son sired by no father

His name Huh clandestinely revealed

Thus God Man descends on earth

Cow sound is heard in the wildness

Humanity is to be judged

The world is to be unified

The policies to be overhauled

The paradise on earth be accomplished

He will then return to White Heaven Palace

This is the age of degeneration for religions and Dao, while the new era is around the corner since God Man has come to the earth. We witness God Man’s divine power through his cosmic energy, prophecies, level increasing, blessing, Holy Spirits and Complete-mission Angels. Under His guidance we find a way, getting off the cycle of reincarnation, to come right to White Heaven Palace.
God Man came to earth in a human body and went through the suffering life, too dire for a human to endure. Born in January 1, 1950 in a shed under Jungnyang bridge, he became orphaned at young childhood and became a servant in a farmer’s household. Despite dire poverty and hard work he studied diligently and mastered Four Books and Five Classics during elementary school days. He left the countryside for Seoul at age fifteen. He was adopted by Buddhist monk Lee Haeng Won and given the opportunity to learn Eighty Thousand Tripitaka by heart while attending night middle school. Then he met his second stepfather Hong Keun Sup, a Christian minister, and this time he learned the whole Bible by heart, while going to night high school. In this way he became well-read of the classics, both east and west, by the time when he finished high school. He strove to study and to earn his tuition working at a variety of numerous jobs and even selling his own blood at times.

The turning point of his life came around at age nineteen, when he met president Lee Byung Chul, the Samsung CEO, who recognized the brilliant young man and immediately adopted him. Soon afterwards at age twenty he became Policy Advisor to President Park Chung Hee for ten years. During this time he made more than 100 proposals and implemented them that included founding correspondence college, Saemaeul movement, and the purchase of Korean nuclear plant in Soviet Union.

His prominent political career started at age forty in 1987 when Huh Kyung Young became the youngest presidential candidate. In 1997 at age fifty he ran for the office of the 15th Republican candidate, and has maintained his Republican status for 20 years since then. Meanwhile he struggled to succeed President Park’s spirit of Saemaeul movement while preparing to revolutionize politics.
In the 17th general election 2004 Huh Kyung Young was assigned symbol number One as the proportional representation candidate of the Democratic Republican party. In 2007 he ran for the 17th presidential election for Economic Republican party. However, due to the media fabrications and false news he was imprisoned for a year and half and disqualified to run for an election for ten years. The confinement gave him time to write books and compose songs. When discharged, he immediately distributed his music and became a popular singer.
When reinstated in 2018 Huh Kyung Young began to move on with his lifetime goal to unify the world and subsequently to ascend the throne of the emperor of the world. The first step was launched in August 15th 2019 with the inauguation ceremony of the National Revolutionary Party (NRP). In the 21st National Assembly election in 2020 Huh Kyung Young ran the office for the NRP proportional representation candidate. NRP produced 1,020 reserved candidates, 235 candidates of the electoral districts, and 21 proportional representation candidates. NRP as the extraparliamentary party ranked the top in the number of candidates.

It turned out that Huh Kyung Young, the president of NRP, was the most popular of all the politicians according to the Facebook views in September 2020. He was also proved to be the most influential politician.
He ran for the by-election for Seoul mayor on April 7th 2021 and obtained the 3rd highest number of votes. He plans to run for the 20th Presidential election in 2022.

It was 20 years ago that Huh Kyung Young started giving lectures to the public on Saturdays. Now the lecture number has reached over 1300. Since he completed the construction of Heaven Palace in 2016 in Jangheung, the most auspicious lot on earth, he gave his first ‘Haneulgung Lecture’ on March 17th 2016. His lectures thus continue to this day on Saturdays and Sundays.
For the past 30 years Huh Kyung Young has worried about the dying population and the consequences the nation would face in the future. He devised the 33 Policy system with which to rescue the nation(국가혁명당 (nrparty.kr). The 33 Policy system is laid as the touchstone for the coming era, anticipating peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity, world unification and the completion of theocracy.
God Man Huh Kyung Young is the spiritual-cum-political leader who appeared in Korea, the land of heavenly descendants, in the era of the sea of seals, namely internet era. He will stay here for 362 years and 88 days, meanwhile there will be ten million people, more or less, selected to ride on his lift to White Heaven Palace. The Huh Kyung Young story likewise long continues.

National Revolutionary Party Song

Northbound March -Words by Huh Kyung Young-
Time has come to wake up! Wake up!
World’s core Daehan minguk
Manchuria there Abandoned
Jeolla Gyeongsang What d’you say for?
Huh Kyung Young on a white horse
Brightened the eastern light
Flap flap Taegeuk flag and go
For World Unification
Climb over the top of Baekdu Mountain
Go go to Siberian sea
Go go to Dan-gun Asadal
Ride on the northbound train
Huh Kyung Young on a white horse
Brightened the eastern light
Flap flap Samjogo flag and go
For World Unification