General Information

Welcome to Haneulgung Venues.


Meeting God Man in Person

Daily consultations start at noon everyday (on weekdays and weekends) for the face-to-face talk with God Man Huh Kyung Young to discuss Blessing, Nameplate for White Heaven Palace, and Complete-mission Angels and others.
The Haneulgung Lectures start at 3 P.M. on Saturdays and on Sundays.

Registration Fees: ₩20,000 Sat / ₩100,000 Sun
(Lunch, rice cake and water included)

Two Lectures

The Saturday lecture consists of the Huh Kyung Young speech given straight through with no break or Q/A session.
The Sunday Talk consists of a brief introduction by Huh Kyung Young and the Q/A session including questions by video. There is a 15 minutes intermission.