Huh Kyung Young Energy

Come and experience His cosmic energy in Haneulgung!

His Energy

The energy emitted from God Man Huh Kyung Young is uniquely mysterious energy. The nature of his energy, humans have hard time to perceive or describe in conventional terms. It is, however, somewhat understood based on numerous cases people report after having direct or indirect contacts with God Man. Hence Huh Kyung Young energy is defined as the cause provider for improving people’s health and for their mysterious healing experiences.

Huh Kyung Young energy is characterized first of all for its transcendental nature which passes through time and space and obstacles in zero second to reach the target object regardless the distance. Generally it is thus perceived as something totally different from light or sound spectrum.

Huh Kyung Young energy is given off in various ways and forms that include eye contact, hand touch, blessing, nameplates for White Heaven Palace, and the angels of Holy Spirit. His energy is objectively viewed through a kind of muscle test called O-ring test. This test reveals the existence of Huh Kyung Young energy in his photos or in his names written on paper.

The reason that one calls his name is to install the secret code, Huh Kyung Young, to one’s baekhoe (One hundred meetings) acupuncture point located on the crown of the head. Baekhoe opens the door to the channel for cosmic energy to come through. When one receives cosmic energy by calling Huh Kyung Young he/she becomes physically and mentally stronger and influential for others. Reciting Huh Kyung Young ten times in a row makes one’s energy level increase to the maximum mu level, that is infinity.

A dawn picture of Haneulgung shrouded in mysterious energy.

God Man’s hands shrouded in his own energy.

Milk containers with Huh Kyung Young portrait stickers on and/or His name was spoken into show the milk inside fermented into cheese and not rotten.

A 10-tier cake tower standing in Hanuelgung for 2 years, fermenting and not rotting.

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