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Holy Spirit / Angels

Holy Spirit consists of the five groups of angels namely, skin angels, body angels, intestine angels, muscle angels and basic angels.
These angels not only maintain your health but also function as a mentor to answer to all questions related to your daily affairs. These angels are connected to the server of White Heaven Palace and distributed by God Man to us all. Recently there launched a special group of angels called Complete-mission Angels. This timely launch during economic crises is especially beneficial for CEOs of conglomerates, stock companies, or investment and development companies for their important decision making processes, such as investments or personnel administrations.

Complete-mission Angels are thus considered as the angels for successful business management, which is likely necessary assets for companies to make crucial decisions they face. Moreover, Complete-mission Angels function as the touchstone for the rules of the forthcoming Theocracy.

Video 01

Activities of Angels caught by the Haneulgung CCTV