God Man Huh Kyung Young

Welcome to the Haneulgung

His Capability

Godman Huh Kyung Young is God’s incarnation who manages the cosmic space.
He demonstrates infinite capability with his energy that comes directly from the core of universe, White Heaven Palace.
If you have not yet experienced his energy, please visit him in Heaven Palace namely Haneulgung and discover it by yourself. Seeing is believing. God Man showed us 10 features of divinity so far.

10 Features of Divinity

  • 1 Reciting Huh Kyung Young ten times in a row increases one’s energy to the level of 100 mu, that is infinity.
  • 2 His energy transcends time and space.
  • 3 He blesses the earth, the moon and humans.
  • 4 He gives off Holy Spirits or angels to humans.
  • 5 He either expands or shortens the human lifespan.
  • 6 He, in forms of incarnation, visits humans in the dream, somnolence or through hierophany just like his actual presence.
  • 7 He gives prophecies for future events.
  • 8 He heals the physical and mental illnesses of the people.
  • 9 He radiates aura around his body.
  • 10 He demonstrates 12 supernatural forms of energy.